Covid 19

Cave Dwelling – Day Two

The bears are taking over.

Each time I go out for a walk I see more houses with bears in the front window. Sometimes there are two or three. Some are big, some tiny. Sometimes it is not a bear, but Bugs Bunny, Pikachu, or Pink Panther.

Occasionally they are in trees, in the windows of cars, or strapped to a lamppost.

I’m worried. Is this some sort of takeover, ala ToyStory? Has anyone ever seen them move by themselves? Probably not, it’s against the rules.

The other possible explanation is that Covid-19 is really a Whovian plot, lead by the Prime Minister, to keep us in our homes until we are all converted into plush toys.

Instead of the expected lizard under that human exterior we know as Jacinda Ardern, is there a plush toy, secretly plotting to turn us all to the soft side?

Will this blog be short-lived? Am I to be next? We have a bubble between us and the nearest bear – about 3 houses – so there is still time.

Where is The Doctor when you need her?

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