RNZ Music Restructuring Timeline

This post is a list of links to published articles about this topic in chronological order. I will update it as people send me new links.

16 Jan 2020

RNZ moves ahead with plans to create new music station for a younger audience

5 Feb 2020

RNZ says new ‘youth oriented’ music brand will lift whole radio industry

A ‘complete travesty’ or ‘long overdue’? Former RNZ presenters divided on proposed cuts

6 Feb 2020

La Nouvelle-Zélande va perdre son unique radio de musique classique (New Zealand to lose it’s only classical music radio station)
RTBF (French Belgium Public Radio)

Proposed cuts to RNZ Concert are sad but necessary in the current climate

7 Feb 2020

Rage and change: RNZ’s music problem
Russell Brown on Public Address

Axing of Concert FM ‘disenfranchising’ for older RNZ listeners

RNZ Concert change ‘a great loss for classical, art sector’

RNZ is overhauling its music network, and a lot of people are mad as hell
Analysis by Toby Manhire

‘Killing a museum’: Should RNZ stick with Concert?
NZ Herald: Comment by Damian Venuto

Work to begin on a possible new public media entity
Beehive: Hon. Kris Faafoi

8 Feb 2020

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa slams ‘controlling’ RNZ executives over proposed Concert changes

RNZ – an insider’s plea
Charlotte Wilson on Scoop

Youth radio killed the classical star
Stuff Editorial

The RNZ/TVNZ merger is on. The rest of the media should be very afraid
Duncan Greive on The Spinoff

10 Feb 2020

Jacinda Ardern on RNZ Concert changes: ‘We don’t have to lose one for the other’

Mike’s Minute: Government must act over RNZ Concert
Newstalk ZB

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern frustrated by RNZ Concert proposal timing

Government could free up FM frequency to keep RNZ Concert on radio in stereo

Government to free up FM frequency to keep RNZ Concert

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seems to have found a solution to Concert FM scrapping saga
NZ Herald

Calls to save Radio New Zealand classical music station reach crescendo
The Guardian

RNZ Concert more than ratings and revenue
James Tibbles on Newsroom

12 staff to run Concert FM is ridiculous

11 Feb 2020

State Committee on Culture knows what we want
Dave Armstrong on Stuff

‘Democratise classical music’: Conductor calls for RNZ to engage youth with classical music
Oliver Lewis on Stuff

Miscommunication over one key point’ in Concert plans – RNZ head
RNZ Checkpoint

RNZ chairman welcomes chance to keep Concert on FM, but no final word on jobs

Both RNZ Concert and Youth Radio – Not Either/Or.
Chris Trotter on The Daily Blog

For youth orchestra members, RNZ Concert is the lifeblood of music-making
Tony Ryan on Stuff

Classical music, young listeners, and a monumental blunder
Tom Frewen on Scoop

RNZ (& others) seek Fountain of Youth
Gavin Ellis

12 Feb 2020

RNZ Concert proposal ‘disastrously handled’ – Helen Clark

In support of Radio NZ’s Concert FM
Stuff Reader Views

On Concert Being Bled To Enable RNZ’s Youth Station
Gordon Campbell on Scoop

Why RNZ Concert Matters
Scoop: NZ Choral Federation press release

Dear RNZ bosses, young people aren’t an homogeneous herd
Joe Bennet on Stuff

Concert FM’s lesson in realpolitik
Bernard Hickey on Newsroom

Why the arts debate is so binary and repetitive
Anna Rawhiti-Connell on Newsroom

RNZ Concert jobs appear safe for now, as union welcomes apparent climb down

RNZ holds off on plans to restructure Concert

RNZ Concert fans deliver petition as cut-back plans shelved

Iwi radio demand greater urgency for survival after action on RNZ Concert

13 Feb 2020

RNZ Concert petition organisers still have questions

RNZ Concert fans plan protest show
Stuff (same audio as above, different text)

Kate Hawkesby: Is Concert FM really the biggest issue right now for Jacinda Ardern?
NZ Herald

RNZ executives front up to Parliament to defend Concert restructure process

RNZ Board Chair Jim Mather on Concert back down
RNZ Nine to Noon

Culture and Heritage Ministry silent on whether it gave the ‘clear steer’ referred to by RNZ boss

The future of broadcasting is in Faafoi’s hands (which might not be as fumble-free as CEOs decided last year)
Point of Order

“It’s Not Over Til The Fat Lady Sings”: RNZ And Concert FM
Steve Maharey on Pundit

Broadcasting merger: Cost is the great unknown for RNZ boss

14 Feb 2020

RNZ Concert future brightens as staff told to prepare for ‘focus on growth’

Music can cut across cultural, generational divides

A second act for RNZ Concert
Stuff Editorial

Get back to basics on public service broadcasting
Peter Dunne on Newsroom

RNZ’s new youth station proposal: How will it impact Pacific Media Network?

Pulling the FM plug on the Concert programme was a matter for Parliament to decide
Tom Frewan Point of Order

The TVNZ–RNZ merger – is this another broadcasting train wreck?
Point of Order

The Strange Case of RNZ Concert
Chris Trotter on Bowalley Road

Radio Gaga – Thompson, staff not in concert over RNZ plans

RNZ is endangering its most precious commodity: public respect
Editorial in The Listener

15 Feb 2020

Concert argument should be about ‘what we cannot afford to lose’
Prof. Glenda Keam, Comment on Stuff

Lizzie Marvelly: An RNZ station dedicated wholly to home-grown Kiwi talent … why can’t radio execs tune in to that idea?
Comment in NZ Herald (paywall)

NZ’s classical music station is not safe yet. It now needs innovation and leadership
Michael Norris on The Conversation

Bill Ralston: Was the RNZ Concert proposal just a ploy?

16 Feb 2020

Opinion: Concert programme fiasco is a revealing glimpse of Labour’s priorities

Underestimating the power of classical music
Rod Oram on Newsroom

A model for RNZ’s new youth service?

18 Feb 2020

If taxpayers fund RNZ Concert, shouldn’t we fund an RNZ youth channel too?
MP Opinions on Stuff

20 Feb 2020

RNZ Must Have No Dogs In The September Fight
Chris Trotter

21 Feb 2020

What was the RNZ Concert fiasco really about?
NZ Listener

Why RNZ Concert is a vital part of the music and arts ecosystem
Elizabeth Kerr in The Listener

RNZ wants a ‘youth’ audience. Here’s 10 ways to get one
Anna Dean on The Spinoff

24 Feb 2020

RNZ Concert supporters take over parliament to protest for station’s future

Focus: RNZ Concert protest at Parliament
NZ Herald

25 Feb 2020

Stop treating the arts as elitist – they’re a business, and a good one
Cas Carter on Stuff

28 Feb 2020

Hamilton listeners turn out to support Concert FM

29 Feb 2020

Concert FM supporters rally

4 Mar 2020

RNZ’s tone-deaf ads are hypocritical – and unfathomable
Mark Stevens, Stuff Editorial Director

‘The first salvo in a war’: Senior Herald and Stuff editors hit back at RNZ attack ad campaign
Duncan Greive on The Spinoff

5 March 2020

No one cares about media self-righteousness
Anna Rawhiti-Connell on Newsroom

6 March 2020

Damien Venuto: Radio NZ-TVNZ merger plan – will it go the same way as capital gains tax?
NZ Herald (Paywall)

Voguish RNZ is ignoring its obligations to be a ‘national’ radio station
Karl du Fresne on Stuff

The case for running advertising on RNZ
Bill Kerton on The Spinoff

10 March 2020

RNZ Concert and new RNZ music station documents revealed

11 March 2020

RNZ originally considered taking Concert channel off broadcast radio altogether

12 March 2020

Which of RNZ’s ‘Ten New Zealanders’ are you?

Concert FM: anatomy of a blunder
Tom Frewen on Scoop

13 March 2020

Integrating Seamlessly With The Lowest Common Denominator
Chris Trotter on The Daily Blog

14 March 2020

Concert FM: anatomy of a blunder – part two
Tom Frewen on Scoop

16 March 2020

Something Thoughtful
Nicholas Reid – Blog post

18 March 2020

Concert FM: anatomy of a blunder – part three
Tom Frewan on Scoop

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