The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour 13 – Leonardo

Three minutes walk from our apartment in Rome was an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines. I could not resist, paid the €9 ticket price, and spent the next 40 minutes in geek heaven.

The focus was on his flying machines, mechanical aides (lifting devices with gears), and military machines. 

Many of the exhibits had handles to turn, and had a sign, ‘please touch but be gentle’. 

On this device turning the handle raises the hammer which then drops suddenly. 

This one is a musical instrument with bells that are stuck as the drumbeat rotates. 

Then there was his corkscrew flying machine. 

And a tank. 

The exhibit also had some animated displays.

As a boy I was always very keen on Leonardo’s flying machines so here are a couple of them. 

This trebuchet had a please don’t touch sign. Even this model looks like it could cause some serious damage. 
So, a very enjoyable end to our stay in Rome. 


It’s off to Siena now. A 15 minute taxi ride through Rome, and on to the bus for a 3 hour trip through the Italian countryside. 

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