The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, Part 9

There are many churches in Rome, and you can hardly walk two blocks without passing a church or a priest. Or two. 

While there are massive queues for well-known churches such as Saint Peter’s there are many others worth visiting that have no queues, and where you can sit anonymously in a pew and reflect. 

The church of Sant’Andrea della Valle is one of these and was opened in 1650. 

They have mirrors that allow easy views of the ceiling frescos painted by Giovanni Lanfranco and Domenichino.

Yes, there is a dome, and this one is fantastic. Looking directly up is like looking through a tiny portal to the heavens. 

It is hard to comprehend how such amazing feats of engineering and artistry were achieved with the technology of 400 years ago. Perhaps we overrate our modern ways? 

The view below, looking towards the back of the church, gives you an idea of the size of the building.  


Everything is designed to move your eyes upwards to the heavens. It hard to spend any time in these places without contemplating who inspired their construction. 

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