The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, Part 7


We are now encamped in Campo de’ Fiori. One minute walk away from our apartment is a large open-air market, filled with a diverse range of goods from touristy items like postcards, and key rings to produce and clothing. 

This is a pedestrian precinct, so scooters are everywhere and trolleys are used to move goods from nearby storage to the market. 

There are many small artisan shops in the district, many appear to be family businesses making everything from jewelry to clothes. We even saw an instrument-maker working on a cello, the sounds of a violin concerto filling the street outside from CD player inside. 

The apartment is in a 19th century building that has an old-style small lift in the centre of the stairwell. We are on the second floor and the room has windows that are all double-glazed and open into an inner atrium. With the windows open we can here small birds chirping from above. 


We are off to the Vatican Museum this morning. Looking forward to finally seeing the Sustine Chappel. 

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