The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, Part Three

Late Night, Hong Kong

We arrived late. Later than planned, and late at night. But Hong Kong was alive with lights, and with traffic not unlike Auckland. Queuing for a red taxi – take the red, not green, we were told – they triaged customers by intended destination. Zone 5 for us. 

The cabbies don’t like our zone. One crept slowly by, presumably heading for more lucrative zones, only to have the door yanked open by an attendant, and the customer in front of us ushered in. I could could see the drivers watching the attendant closely. Can I sneak past?

Our driver didn’t know where the hotel was. Apparently. We had a card with the address. The attendant intervened and we were on our way. 

The most striking thing on the taxi trip was the size and number of apartment buildings, a dozen or so lining the motorway at one point. Presumably the other side being more desirable with views over the water. 

The view of the high-rise Hong Kong skyline appeared over a rise, just like on the postcards, and it was down into the city. 

This is the only part of our trip we are staying in a Hotel, the Langham in Peking Road. On arrival many friendly greetings were bestowed, with offers to help with luggage. Better enjoy it as we’ll have none of that in Europe. 

During checkin I was mentally converting $HK to $NZ. Breakfast is expensive by New Zealand standards, but after a 12-hour flight it didn’t really register. And this is a oncer, so why not?

The linen is to die for, and from the window of our room I can see Cartier, Channel, and Dior. Very western.

It’s out and about today to take in the sights and sounds. 

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