Radio NZ stats February 2013

As anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few years will know, there has been an explosion of the use of mobile computing devices over the last few years. At Radio New Zealand we’ve seen the percentage of mobiles devices accessing our website increase dramatically in the last 12 months.

One year ago the percentage of our traffic from mobile devices (including tablets) was 13%. This month it is 27%.
The type of devices has also shifted. A year ago iDevices and Android were neck and neck. This month devices powered by Android are the clear leader:

OS Perc.
Android 59.77
iOS 38.79
Windows Phone 0.58
Blackberry 0.49
Symbian 0.15
Nokia 0.07
Samsung 0.05
Windows 0.05
Sony 0.04

I expect this trend to continue, but it is impossible to say how much further it’ll go.
Browser use is also shifting. A year ago IE was at 40% and Firefox was at 21%. Safari was 16% and Chrome 12.76. The Android browser was 6%.
This month’s figures:
Browser Perc.
IE 30
Safari 17.4
Firefox 16.7
Chrome 16.3
Android Browser 15.6
Safari (in app) 2
Opera 0.57
Opera Mini 0.31
There has also been a big change in operating systems:
OS 12 months ago Last month
Windows 69.7% 57%
Macintosh 14.9% 12.5%
Android 6.19% 17.5%
iPhone/iPad 6.4% 10.9%
Linux 1.37% 1.24%
Windows Phone 0 0.16%
If you are are still designing sites for one browser or OS, now might be the time to change your strategy.

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