The Homeopathic Hot Water Bottle

I am departing from my usual posts about technology, to share a remarkable discovery.

For years I have been skeptical about the claims of homeopathy – that minute amounts of a substance can have therapeutic properties. In the last few weeks I have changed my mind after finding proof that anyone can try for themselves. And the discovery was made completely by chance!

Everyone knows that a hot water bottle (HWB) gets cold at a certain (fixed) rate. The rate is dependent on the amount of bedding and any other factors which determine heat-loss. One night I recycled the cold water from the night before, and a family member commented that the HWB was still warm in the morning. This seemed odd, so I investigated further. 

What I found is that the rate of heat loss can be altered using homeopathic techniques. Here is how.

On the first night make the water for your bottle with 400mL of cold tap-water and 800 mL of boiling water. This mix gives a temperature which is safe – hotter than this can cause the bottle to perish more quickly and leak. Extensive scientific testing has also found this temperature to about right for certain family members.

On the second night use 400mL of cold water taken from the bottle, adding 800 mL of fresh boiling water. Repeat each night for a week.

You will find each night the HWB retains it heat better. The effect seems to flatten out after a week.

The only explanation I have for this is that the recycled cold water carries the memory of being hot, and for some reason, when exposed to fresh hot water, prefers to stay hot.

Amazing (and useful)!

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